Saturday, September 25, 2004

Sylvia Laughter

The following post appeared on the Recovery From Mormonism Bulletin Board on April 4, 2003 regarding Rep. Sylvia Laughter (Sylvia represents a district that includes the largest Native American tribe in the United States, and she is the first Navajo woman to serve in the State Legislature from District 2.):

“My ex-husband's original wife is in the Arizona Legislature. She's been married and divorced three times and still has her temple recommend. She has to be one of the cruelest people I've ever had the bad fortune to meet. Makes me feel sorry for my ex!I once complained to my bishop of the manner in which she mercilessly harassed my (then) husband and me, and the awful treatment her children suffered at her hands. The only visible result was that her ugly phone calls to our house (up to 20 a day at times!) suddenly ceased. Her children are well known to the police; she's violent when she doesn't get what she wants, and she has managed to marry (and divorce) her way into quite a comfy lifestyle. But to hear her tell it at Fast meetings, she's the ultimate victim of everyone else' sins! IMO, the gal is a classic psychopath.It worries me that this woman is in the AZ leg. Not so much because she's LDS; mostly because she uses her religion as a club to beat up on anyone who disagrees with her in the slightest. She's a nightmare in her personal life, but her constituents adore her and somehow she continues to be re-elected, her private behavior having so far escaped public detection.”

I also understand that Sylvia had an attempted singing career and had her promo photos airbrushed so she looked white. Is she ashamed of being a Navajo? Why?

Of course, she doesn't really live in the district she represents. She actually lives in Mesa and her father has confirmed this. Shame. Shame. I thought there was a rule that you had to live in your district. How can she so blatantly break the rules? And why won't her opponent call her on it? Sheesh!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the article on Sylvia Laughter. I totally agree this black widow is only after money and greed. I knew this psycho at BYU and she thought she was chosen as the beauty queen for men. I thought she looked fake and plastic with a shiny face. When I was dating the twin-psycho Tom Ranger who thought he was women's gift also thought he was beautiful anyway Tom use to tell me him and Sylvia use to make out in the back of his car and she was an excellant kisser and she let guy's do whatever they wanted to her and she got whatever she wanted. In other words she was everybody's whore as Tom used his words for her. She is no saint-even when she was at BYU she should have been expelled from the school for how she lived. Another issue this black widow had the gumption to sleep with my Ex-stupid husband while she was at BYU and they had affair for over a year AND then have another affair at the end of my marriage AND both Sylvia and Tom continue to go to the temple without consequences acting like they are faithful Mormons. I am embarrassed to associate with either of them-they are the same- in that where ever they go they both spread filth.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This coming from a deranged women who abandoned her ten children to be with another man, think about the source... LOL

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The person Sylvia is with now is only going to bring her pain and long-suffering. Ask both of his ex-wife's, and the daughter he never wanted anything to do with

12:43 PM  

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