Monday, September 27, 2004

Mormons want state funds to protect value of temple

Hmm. They seem to be against state spending for everything else. I guess you have to have priorities.

From the East Valley Tribune, September 25, 2004:

Top leaders of the Mormon Church are appealing to Gov. Janet Napolitano forhelp in revitalizing downtown Mesa, in order to protect the value of the city's oldest worship site.

After years of watching largely futile efforts to lift the downtown's doldrums, church officials believe Mesa could be poised for success with a $95 million arts center now under construction. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is even willing to invest some of its money and experience in neighborhood projects to support the downtown area, which includes the Arizona Mormon Temple.

But the church won't act without further commitments from city and state governments, Napolitano was told Friday during a series of meetings with the church's worldwide leadership in Salt Lake City.

"We can do more than we have if there's a coordinated effort and we can get our timing together," said Keith McMullin, a counselor to the presiding bishop, who oversees budget and administrative matters. "But we do have limited resources."


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