Tuesday, February 28, 2006

He Will Always Be Thayer

Just when I was beginning to worry that the usual suspects weren't going to introduce any really batshit crazy legislation during this session of the Arizona State Legislature, along comes Thayer Vershoor, R-Gilbert with SB1331 just under the deadline.

SB 1331

Introduced by

Senators Verschoor, Blendu, Harper, Jarrett, Johnson; Representatives Barnes, Biggs, Burges, Groe, Smith, Yarbrough: Senators Bee, Burns, Flake, Gould, Gray, Huppenthal, Martin; Representatives Allen J, Anderson, Gorman, Mason, Pearce, Pierce, Quelland, Rosati


amending Title 15, chapter 14, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding article 8; relating to UNIVERSITIES and community colleges.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section 1. Title 15, chapter 14, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding article 8, to read:


START_STATUTE15-1881. Alternative coursework or materials

Each university under the jurisdiction of the Arizona board of regents and each community college under the jurisdiction of a community college district shall adopt procedures by which students who object to any course, coursework, learning material or activity on the basis that it is personally offensive shall be provided without financial or academic penalty an alternative course, alternative coursework, alternative learning materials or alternative activity. Objection to a course, coursework, learning material or activity on the basis that it is personally offensive includes objections that the course, coursework, learning material or activity conflicts with the student's beliefs or practices in sex, morality or religion.

Sheesh, this could have really helped my grades in Calculus. All I would have had to do was tell my professor that integration offended my religious sensibilities and he would have had to give me an alternative assignment. SWEET!

Not surprisingly, those buzzkill college teachers oppose Vershoor's most excellent bill which has already made it out of the Higher Education Committee.

"This legislation would impoverish the higher-education system for students," said Barbara Fahey, a professor of English at Scottsdale Community College.

"(The bill) would create chaos in the classroom," said Bill Mullaney. It's "appalling," and it would undermine his ability to teach students, Mullaney said.

Brittney Patten, a sophomore at the Scottsdale campus, has a different opinion: "(Teachers) are supposed to cater to student needs," she said.

Well said, Brittney, and Jesus' General has some great ideas on just how to do this.

And remember, when it's wacko legislation you want, "he will always be Thayer for you". (actual campaign slogan)


Blogger Kralmajales said...

Unreal...I mean really...unreal. So if you disagree with something that is taught or presented then you can "clense" yourself of that type of a debate or education? Well how long can a person hide in their church before they have to face the real world and find a good moral argument against it. This type of bill is such BS posturing...and I just hope people are listening to these legislators so we can cleanse our state of their antiquated, book burning mentality. If students aren't challenged with new ideas then we just better let their parents and churches be the professors and let them all be morons when they enter the real world and cannot be sheltered by much of anything.

By the way, all of this came from a student offended by being forced to read "The Ice Storm." Well, yes, it had sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but it was also about the shallow, selfish nature of the generation of the 70s. How, while they discovered themselves, they were leaving their children unattended to explore the world without them. A child dies...and the parents look like the very school-children that they left at home as they attended "key" parties.

Well...my thought is...sex or no sex, this message is pretty important and pretty conservative in a way...don't you?

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic here. zelph was a white lamanite that fought for anondagas. Repented of the things that he did when he had dark skin. Repent zelph!!

2:51 PM  

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