Friday, March 03, 2006

Petersen Won't Resign

It appears that Tedski was wrong and Paul D. "Labwiroro" Petersen was correct, according to a recent article in the Arizona Capitol Times. State Treasurer David Petersen has no plans to resign, despite the recent scandal in his office involving misuse of state resources and pressure from those in his own party to do so. Petersen will, however, not seek re-election.
... Malaj (Pedersen’s chief of staff) denied rumors that Mr. Petersen, 55, might resign in the wake of the investigation. The treasurer, never a favorite in his own party, received pressure to resign, said a Republican source, who spoke on background about the investigation.

“I’m the person he confides in, as well as the Chief Deputy Blaine Vance . . .” Mr. Malaj said Feb. 21. He said he had discussed an announcement of his boss’s plans with Mr. Petersen the week of Feb. 13, “and the word ‘resign’ was not in it.”

Mr. Malaj said his challenge since the investigation began is to keep employees from being distracted by it.

“There are some solid people in there, some with 30 years’ experience,” a former treasury official said.

Mr. Petersen has spent most of his time away from the Capitol since the investigation began.


Mr. Petersen was asked ... were he to engage in another profession, what would it be?

"Probably a minister," he said. "That’s crazy — politician to minister."

It IS crazy. The Mormon Church, to which Petersen belongs, has no full-time professional clergy.

Unless ... Bill Gothard, founder of the Christian Fundamentalist Character First program, which Petersen has been abusing state resources on behalf of, has convinced him to change religions! Has Petersen been brainwashed by a bizarre religious cult?


Blogger Elizabeth Rogers said...

I just had to say this:
Tedski, one d not two and the way that sentence was constructed makes it seem like Ted has a kid.

Also the year is still young, Ted could be shown to have a good poorly sourced rumour. :)

2:46 AM  
Blogger Zelph said...

OK, are you happy now? Sheesh, there just ain't no pleasing you people. :)

7:55 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Rogers said...

Yes, thank you. :)

12:52 PM  
Blogger toc001 said...

So during the investigation, Peterson is spending time away from work? Are we paying "The Good Reverend" while he is at home shredding his propoganda? Or is he phoning it in?

6:44 AM  
Blogger Eli Blake said...

Actually, Petersen did resign the other day. Finally.

I understand how people like this get elected though. Let me quote you a real conversation I had, well it was just about three and a half years ago, the day the $60 million judgement against the state came down, due to Corporation Commissioner Steve Irvin's corruption. Of course the Irvin story had been all over the news during the 2002 election.

I mentioned the headline on the paper, and she agreed with me that it was terrible. I asked her if she had voted for Irvin, since I knew somebody must have for him to get re-elected in the middle of all that.

"I don't know," she responded, "is he a Democrat or a Republican?"

"He's a Republican," I answered back.

Then she dropped the brick on my head: "Well then, I guess I must have. I only pay attention to the important races like the President and the Governor, after that I just vote for all the Republicans."

How do you get through to voters like that?

10:46 PM  

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